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What Type Of Shrubs Should I Plant

When should you prune evergreen shrubs? To answer the question, we must first distinguish between needled and broadleaf types ("best time" differs).

Try drying hydrangea flowers to create a wreath or other decorations around the house: Harvest the heads when the flowers have matured and developed a papery consistency.

I originally wrote this post to address the many questions we get from our viewers wanting to know the right way to plant trees and shrubs so they’ll establish …

Each spring, apply a layer of compost under the plant, followed by mulch to retain moisture and control weeds. Water during the summer if rainfall is less than 1 inch …

How to Fertilize Shrubs. Shrubs require less fertilizer than vegetables or flowers. Roses are an exception, since they… More

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Look closely for insect pests and signs of disease. Avoid tall spindly plants. A short bushy plant will transplant easier and is more likely to grow into a nice specimen.

Plant type: Evergreen shrubs (yews, juniper, boxwood) Task: Hedge and shape, if desired, or thin to reduce size. Tip: Cut just as growth begins so new growth covers …

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